Airport & Aviation Appraisals, Inc.

"When the Job Requires a Special Purpose Product"

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Airport & Aviation Appraisals was formed when it became clear that valuation techniques which were appropriate for non-aviation property simply did not work in the highly specialized realm of airport real estate. Aviation related appraisals should be performed by qualified appraisers with a highly specific level of expertise and experience.

Airport & Aviation Appraisals, Inc. has performed more airport and aviation related valuation assignments than any other comparable organization in the world. The company has appraised entire airports, unimproved airport land, corporate hangars, airside cargo facilities, fixed base operations, converted military airports, and other aviation properties and businesses throughout the United States and Europe. Clients include municipalities, airport authorities, banks, corporations, FBOs and other airport users.

Win Perkins, CRE, is a licensed pilot and owns and operates a Beechcraft Bonanza and Luscombe 8A for business and pleasure. In addition to his valuation and general real estate experience, Perkins has successfully developed business and general aviation properties at Morristown Airport, Morristown, New Jersey. This firsthand experience and knowledge with regard to airport real estate gives him a unique and highly credible basis on which to perform the idiosyncratic and challenging valuation work which is unique to airports.

In addition to airport real estate appraisal, Airport and Aviation Appraisals also performs business valuations, aircraft appraisals and the appraisal of other aviation related assets.