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Experience | Type Certificates and STC's

Antilles Seaplanes, LLC Gibsonville, North Carolina — Appraisal of Type Certificate No.4A24 (ATC) and various Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’S) SA59WE, SA4-1467, SA-4-1055, SA4-1109, SA4-683, SA-682, SA4-680, SA4-678, SA4-677, SA4-1551, SA4-681, SA2317WE, SA1969WE, SA1589WE, SA1751WE, SA4-1550, SA355WE, SA108WE and SA101WE, held by Atlantic Coast Seaplanes, LLC pertaining to Manufacture of airplane models G-21C, G-21D, G-21E, and G-21G.

St. Louis Regional Airport Authority, East Alton, Illinois — Appraisal of various Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’S) held by Premier Aircraft, LLC, for the Falcon 50-4 Performance Upgrade, and to update the primary flight displays on Falcon 20/200 aircraft.

Aviat Inc., Afton, Wyoming — Valued aircraft manufacturing company for financial institution. Asset base included real estate, machinery and equipment, aircraft inventory, parts, Approved Type Certificates and Supplemental Type Certificates for Pitts Series Aircraft, A-1 Husky Aircraft and Christen Eagle Kit Aircraft.